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TB PE peculiar rendering problem

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TB PE peculiar rendering problem


I just installed Thunderbird PE and already having a problem with it. It renders the inbox message list quite disturbingly. It's hard to explain so I took a screenshot that can be found here.

I have been desperately trying to get it to work but with little luck. I hope someone knows a solution because I really like the program. I'm running TB from my USB-stick on a Dell Latitude D8100 laptop. The problem doesn't occur on my desktop computer.

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I use a Latitude with TBP and it works beautifully.

Delete it off your device, download it again, install it 2 your hard drive, if it is ok install it 2 your device and try again. If it still does not work search Google for chaosmd5, download it, and extract it, delete the file that installs TBP and download it again. Run chaosmd5 and select the file u just downloaded and compare the hash it gave u with the one on the TBP page and tell me wether or not it matches. But your problem is very strange.....
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Or you can use

winMd5Sum Portable from this site...
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Still doesn't work..

Deleted it from my device, downloaded again (correct md5 hash), installed to c:\tbp and guess what. It still doesn't work!

I also noticed that the same kind of thing is happening occasionally with the text on my Firefox tab bar.

Could it have something to do with my graphics drivers? Because I had the laptop connected to my tv (extended the desktop to the tv) and somehow TBP worked perfectly, no messy rendering. When I disconnected the tv the problem came back. I'll try to install fresh drivers and hope that helps.

What do you think?

Oh, and the laptop model is Dell Insipron 8100 (aka Latitude C810) with a Dell/NVidia GeForce2 Go -gfx card.

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Update your drivers

Update your video drivers. If it works with one video setting and not another, the problem is somehow related to video.

Also, disable all your extensions to ensure they're not affecting it.

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Tried updating the video drivers

I installed the drivers from Dell (nVidia GeForce2 Go, v.44.82, A18) but it didn't fix the problem. I also tried different resolutions etc. I'm now running out of possible solutions. Maybe I'll just buy a new laptop. Wink

I haven't had any extensions installed and used a fresh install of TBP.

Any more guesses what could be causing the problem?

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Problem SOLVED!

Found this in the Thunderbird release notes after some googling:

Users with NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 or GeForce2 based graphics cards may see overlapping or garbled text in the message list pane. This is caused by a bug in the NVIDIA drivers. You can fix this by: upgrading your NVIDIA video driver OR turning down hardware acceleration one level by going to Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshooting OR downloading this extension for Thunderbird which works around the problem.

I installed the extension and IT WORKS!

Should have thought of checking the release notes earlier though. Thanks to you still Smile

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