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Microsoft Remote Destop ActiveX Control

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Microsoft Remote Destop ActiveX Control


I love the Memorex/U3 USB stick with embedded Firefox I have a serious need to use Firefox on the USB stick or from a regular desktop browser to access information on a remote server running Microsoft Small Business Server R2.

I need to have the following ActiveX control (or emulator) for Firefox on the desktop or on the USB stick to access the remote server. When I try to access the remote server using Firefox I get the following message:

"This portion of the Remote Web Workplace requires Microsoft Remote Destop ActiveX Control. Your browsers's security settings may be preventing you from downloading ActiveX controls. Adjust these settings, and try to connect again."

Any help or guidance would be gretly appreciated.

Thank you.

David Bock
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Check here

Check here for help:

Also you can type about:plugins into your browser and check your version of Active X.
(Not sure if this is a Mr Tech Local Install feature or not).

BTW - This is not a FFPE issue. It is a FF issue.

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you could always get the "ietab" plugin from firefox addons... it runs IE's engine in firefox's browsing window.

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