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XAMMP - Apache - ModProxy

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XAMMP - Apache - ModProxy

I was revisiting my idea of having a locally running proxy server when it struck me that Apache can be used as a proxy.
Then I remembered that Apache is bundled with XAMMP.
I don't currently have this on my USB, only on my work PC, can someone confirm if this version of apache comes with mod_proxy etc? or if they know how easy (if at all) it would be to add in?

Apologies for my vague question, I am a "user" of Apache, I have never modified/compiled/configured it before.



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Not in xampplite...

Would've answered sooner, except xampp wouldn't start Sad Finally got it to, and I ran phpinfo on it, and couldn't find anything with the word proxy. I'm not sure if it would show up in there or in the MySql config, just give me some more info and I'll check.

BTW, I'm running xampp-lite, not the full version.

EDIT: whoops, hope I'm not resurrecting an old thread, just saw it and responded.

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A bunch of mod_proxy files

A bunch of mod_proxy files are included with the full XAMPP package (not sure if they're the ones you want/need).

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Just a quick update.
Yes Apache does have the required mod_proxy modules loaded.

I can get apache to act as a proxy server.

I can't get apache to pass through my credentials to the proxy server Sad

soooo close !

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