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Unread Mails shown on login-screen on Windows XP

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Bernd Glasstetter
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Unread Mails shown on login-screen on Windows XP

I used portable Thunderbird to look for mails on a computer of a friend. He now has the message "28 mails unread on ... (my mailaddress)" and is not able to get rid of it. However my mailadress is not saved in the registry. There is no ImapMail-folder on his computer (I used IMAP).

Any idea?

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Usually that messages has to do with....

Outlook Express. You might want to check his outlook express settings and see if for some reason windows might have imported your settings into that. It wouldn't be the first time something like that happened.

If all else fails head over to this site: to see how to disable this message on the welcome screen.

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