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Project Management (Gantt Charts)?

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Project Management (Gantt Charts)?

I would like to find a simple project management program that will run as a portable app. All I really need is to produce Gantt charts. Any Suggestions?
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What exactly is a Gantt

What exactly is a Gantt chart? Can OOo do them?

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John T. Haller
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It's a Java app and can be launched (in theory) from a portable drive with the JVM on it using a batch file (or specific commandline).

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jmiller55 (not verified)
Gantt Chart

Sorry if there is any confusion. For my purposes a Gantt chart looks like a horizontal bar chart. The individual bars indicates tasks to be completed for the project. For example the project might be building a house. Task one might be the foundation. The length of the bar might be 3 days. There should be some way to indicate the progress of the task. (different color for the portion of the bar for the part of the task completed. Task two might be the floor. It can not start until task one is done, and so on. Hope this makes what I want a little clearer.

jmiller55 (not verified)
Gannt Chart

I found one that seems to be portable. It is called GanttProject and can be found at:

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Work fine with JRE on USB

Work fine with JRE on USB

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JRE on flash drive?

I have noticed that while I can run GanttProject from my U3 flash drive, effectively this means disabling the U3 eject feature (also the standard USB disconnect). I suspect the reason is that the JRE continues to look at the USB drive; the message is that some app is still accessing the drive and that has to be the culprit.

I had thought to install the JRE to the flash drive; the 1.42 and 1.5 installers do not seem to allow this option. Nor is it clear to me, even if I did that, the problem would go away.


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