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Free Port Explorer 1.1 Portable

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Free Port Explorer 1.1 Portable


I've released an open source program to view open ports on your computer, do whois lookups, etc.

It's not quite complete, so I'd appreciate any comments/bug reports you have.

Download Page


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It looks pretty handy and cool. Impressive.

Wow, I just noticed I still had a signature, that's enough of that.

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- Systray menu -- "Show

- Systray menu -- "Show window" and "restore window" do the same thing. Get rid of one.

- Systray icon is unrecognizable (looks like a blue and black blob). Come up with a new one.

- Main window isn't resizable. (*MAJOR* annoyance)

- Settings -> "Show resolved addresses" works the opposite as a user would expect. Rename the option to "Show port name" while you're at it (see below).

- Have you ever seen currports? You're basically reinventing the wheel with a lot of the program.

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