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Combining bookmark files

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Combining bookmark files

This is probably a very basic question, but I don't know anything about programming, etc.... so,

can anyone tell me how to combine two bookmark files. I used to use one copy of Firefox on my work computer and one on my home computer, but now I'd like to use just one copy on a Jumpdrive. I've already moved all the work bookmarks to it, and now I need to move the home bookmarks.


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Here's what I use...

I use a program called Lunarmark to sync up all my firefox bookmark files. Then I use AM-Deadlink to remove dead links and duplicate bookmarks.

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Though if you want to do it

Though if you want to do it the hard way...(I love a challenge Biggrin Wink ), and if you have software resrictions (on your "Work' terminal, for instance) you can jsut export from the bookmark manager of one browser, and then import into another.

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