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Notepad++ v4.3 - When to expect PE?

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Notepad++ v4.3 - When to expect PE?


25/09/2007 Notepad++ v4.3 is released.

Notepad++ v4.3 fixed bugs and added features (from v4.2.2) :

1. Fix the crash bug due to the corrupted configuration file (config.xml and session.xml).
2. Fix the crash bug while the shortcut command is absent in shortcut.xml.
3. Fix the file status auto-detection bug : a unwanted selection after a pop-up dialog.
4. Enhance Styler Configurator : the visual effect is updated immediately while the setting is changing.
5. Add Global override feature (in Styler Configurator).
6. Fix the bold/italic/underline refresh problem in Stylers Configurator for Scintilla component.
7. Add hide lines feature (Menu : View->Hide lines).
8. Add new capacity (optional setting in Preferences dialog : Backup/Auto-completion tab) to trigger Auto-Completion(Function Completion or Word completion) automatically .
9. The set languages in session are remembered now.
10. Fix the Move down current line bug.
11. Add the start up with no plugins feature (command line : notepad++ -noPlugins).
12. Fix the display file type bug on the status bar while switching between the files.
Included plugins :

1. TextFX v0.24a
2. Function list v1.2
3. ConvertExt v1.1
4. NppExec v0.2 beta 4
5. Spell checker v1.1
6. Quick text v0.02
7. Light Explorer v1.4
8. Hex editor v0.84

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To quote John:

"It'll be done when it's done."

He'll do it when he has time. He's behind on others as well, but he does have to keep a job and have a personal life. That being said, I can't wait for it to be released either.
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