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IBM Lotus Symphony

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IBM Lotus Symphony

Can IBM's Lotus Symphony be released portably, or is it not open source? If it can be released, I vote to have it made portably.


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Very good question

Not sure.

Can you do a little research and find a copy of their license online anywhere. I had trouble finding it. I am sure it is in the install package, but I am not keen on installing it right now.

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It doesn't appear free

Even though it is based on the code.
See here

John T. Haller
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free but not Free

Lotus Symphony is not open source. It's freeware with a typically restrictive End User License Agreement.

It's also based on the older 1.1 code from years ago.'s functionality is implemented as plugins within Symphony's Eclipse-based GUI. Since OO is licensed under the LGPL, it can be used in this fashion regardless of license of the calling code.

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Symphony licence.
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License question

Hi, I will ask to a devloper about this.
And, you can check this link below to do a Portable IBM Lotus Symphony:

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IBM Lotus Symphony to be open source

IBM announced to donate IBM Lotus Symphony to the Apache Foundation, i hope under a open source license, apache at least, of better GPL fully integrated with LibreOffice.

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[source needed]

this needs to be verified.

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Lotus Symphony is sort of

Lotus Symphony is sort of based on Open Office. IBM recently donated it to the guys of Open Office which was given to the Apache Foundation recently. So I expect much movement on the office landscape when (and if) they merge these projects.

Shame though that Open Office, Libre Office and Lotus Symphony don't bundle strengths. But I also fear that nobody wants to lose it's name. Maybe we see Open Office take things from Lotus Symphony, which in turn get adopted by Libre Office.

One factoid: It seems Libre Office can take code from Open Office (and soon Lotus Symphony) but not the other way around due to the differences between licenses. I'm unsure how much truth there is in that.

Anyway, I don't know if PortableApps will get permission (again) to release Open Office... I wonder if they then also need to ask IBM for Lotus Symphony...

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I asked for permission

I asked IBM for distribution permission in October, but I never got a reply.

Dang it.

As for joining forces, that would be pretty neat... create a really awesome office suite out of all those (hundreds?) of developers--might kick MS Office out of the park!

It could be called LOL Office (Libre Open Lotus Office). Blum

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Only the code

IBM donated the code of Lotus Symphony to the Apache Foundation. The trademarks haven't changed hands, so you still have to ask IBM for permission if you want to create a portable version.

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