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GIMP: liquidrescale plug in

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GIMP: liquidrescale plug in


I can't find out where to install the liquidrescale plug in.
Can you help ?

liquidrescale :

it doesn't seem to work in Portable Gimp...

Thanks for your help


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"It looks like the plugin is incompatible with the GIMP portable Windows version.
I can't help with this, sorry."

It looks like an interesting plug-in but we can't use it right now.

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I think it can work

I think the onus of finding out why it doesn't work is with anyone familiar with how portable apps loads plugins. I extracted the files in what appeared to be a 'reasonable way' (i.e. :\PortableApps\GIMPPortable\App\gimp and the name of the plugin appeared to flash on the screen, but no display of the new options.

The requirement is that you use gimp 2.2.12 or higher and I believe the latest version is 2.2.16 for portable apps.

Anyone know how to find out why this isn't working in the portableapps version?

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I, too, would like to find

I, too, would like to find out if this plugin can work in GIMPPortable.

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