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Why the Registry?

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Why the Registry?

Portable Apps remind me of how well I got along before MS forced the Windows Registry on us. And how much better I'm going to get along as I slowly migrate to Registry-free apps where possible.

So my question is: When would we ever want to use a standard app on a fixed drive if there is a Registry-free version available?

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I think the main issue would

I think the main issue would be if the portable version has been stripped of features you may want to use (which may or may not be part of why it's a registry-free version) on a desktop or notebook PC...

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Registry and "Application Data"

Basically there is no reason that the registry HAS to be used. You can do even better with setting in for example .xml files, like PStart. (I'm waiting for Directory Opus to become fully Portable, i'm using a Registry wrapper batch file and reg files instead)

The only use for the registry in my opinion is to make a software "known to the system", like registering filetypes or adding drivers specifically to this computer.

I also don't like this "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data" stuff! First of all why is M$ so idiotic and call such an important folder "Documents and Settings" insteadof the good old Profile? I know, the answer will come because it's "easier" for dumb users (we call them DAU: Dumbest Assumable User).
But profile is used everywhere else, just not in the folder structure. So the real answer is: M$ hates it's users and wants to make like for Power users harder! Of course this can be changed but it's lot of work to do on every new installation.

I try to use Registry free Programs only. And programs which allow me to set the settings directory manually, like Opera, Skype, Hamachi,... (Partly because we have Limited user profile space on the server and always get this annoying error messages if the profile folder is too big)


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