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App Request - CPU-Z

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App Request - CPU-Z


can you wrap CPU-Z ( as PortableApp?

As you can read on its website:

CPU-Z does not need to be installed. Just unzip the files in a directory and run the .exe. In order to remove the program, just delete the files, and that's it.
The program does not copy any file in any Windows directory, neither writes in the registry.

CPU-Z is a freeware but closed source with unknown license.

It's already installed in my USB drive, but I'd like to have it integrated in the PortableApps menu Smile

Thank you.

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Adding your own PAM Entry

You can use NSIS to make your own launcher. Here is an example of a simple launcher that runs a .bat file:
then you can just edit the .bat file to run your program.

Have an Awesome Day!

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How to choose between x86 and x64?

I cannot reply to that thread with your simple .bat launcher.

Are those details still current, or does the platform do things differently now?

Also, how can I make the launcher execute different .exe files, depending on whether the OS is x86 or x64? There are two versions of CPU-Z, so this is a good example for this question.


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Obsolete and outdated

You can use the PAL ( Launcher) for that, if you like. It's some work to get used to, but not too difficult to learn.
On the other hand, you could simply use Ryan's advice below (don't know how portable that would be, though).

Which exe to choose... I don't know with CPU-Z. Mostly the x86 should work on both systems, but as it is a system tool, maybe you need the x64 on a 64bit OS.

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Yes, I am currently doing what Ryan says below, for several programs that are already portable, like mIRC, and even programs that have .paf versions, like Notepad2 and Notepad++.

I just thought it would be good to use a launcher for already portable programs like CPU-Z when there are both x86 and x64 versions, so that the correct one os chosen, without having to have two entries in the menu. I already around 70 icons in there, which is hell to navigate.

Ryan McCue
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Just put it within /PortableApps/, so it is located at something like /PortableApps/CPU-Z/CPU-Z.exe and the menu will pick it up. You can read more on the menu support page.

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