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redirectorater - File Association tool - testers and comments needed

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redirectorater - File Association tool - testers and comments needed

redirectorater is a non portable utility designed to be of use to people who regularly use portableApps on the same computer. You install redirectorater to your local PC and associate file types with redirectorater.exe, then redirectorater will look to see if the portable application exists, and will launch using that if available. If not, it will launch the app using a local application.

For example, .txt files could be associated with redirectorater, which can be configured to launch Notepad++ if it is available, but fall back to notepad on the local pc if the portableApp is not present.

The .ini file for redirectorater includes the drive path of your portable drive, so if you are running a menu mod that supports autolaunching, you could write a utility to update the settings on execution. If your drive always runs as the same letter, this would not be necessary.

Here is a quick sample INI file for associating zip files with 7zip portable, falling back to native windows zip support:


Download redirectorater here. Please note that the included redirectorater.ini must be edited to point to the appropriate portable drive (and you probably want to remove my file associations from it as well.

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Update available

Although this hasn't generated much discussion here, it has gotten a few downloads, and I've put up a new version. This one adds support for associating files with the Windows Picture and Fax viewer, which couldn't be done before. Below is the .ini file line needed to do this:

.jpg="rundll32.exe" C:\WINDOWS\System32\shimgvw.dll,ImageView_Fullscreen

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Well sad to say

but u got ur first reply u make it seem like it up for months. OK well i havent tried it yet but it appeals to me so i am gona give it ah try.
for got to download it. lol

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I guess the problem is you

I guess the problem is you are in a Portable Apps site and you write in the first line of your post: THIS ISN'T PORTABLE. Many will just stop reading there, while others will read and leave... just like I did.

The main idea you should get from this "passive feedback" is that you should make this portable. Maybe make it auto-execute when your drive is connected, or in partnership with the PortableAppsMenu, if one is opened the other will be executed too.

I'll drop by another time and see if this was done... you'll get much more feedback if you do!


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Can't be portable

I'm not actually concerned about the lack of feedback, just was laughing at myself for updating an application that was generating so little discussion.

But this application can't be portable - the whole idea of the application is to make your PC open files from an application on the portable drive when available, with a local fallback available if it isn't. This simply can't be done as a portable application. However, it would only be of interest to people who use portable applications.

The only portable solution I've seen for this is C.A.F.E, but that only works on a double click, not on an enter, and has other problems that keep it from working for me, and possibly for others.

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not sure i agree with that.

i've toyed with writing a tool that would download registry settings for given file types, store them and insert my own referencing the resolved portable drive location letter. Then on exit i would undo the changes reverting to the old mappings. It's very doable. I just stopped because cafe solved 90% of my problems and i couldn't justify the time and i knew most ppl wouldn't want an app that so recklessly mucked with the registry and could potentially leave the host pc in a bad state.

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