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Post-it software notes From 3M Company

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Post-it software notes From 3M Company

This little soft allow users to stick "virtual" post-it on computer screen.
Do you think it could be make portable (post-it 3.1 is freeware, not the 4.0)?

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Freeware Alternative

Hi d.gerar2,

please post next time a link to the application you ask to make portable.

I think you are talking about this:
(I found it after running into many outdated pages searching the web for a few minutes)

Maybe you are interested in his free and portable alternative: Stickies 5.2a Wink

Cya Ryushi

d.gerar2 (not verified)
Many thanks Ryushi for this

Many thanks Ryushi for this alternative software, and sorry for forgetting the link... Oups!
The link you found is correct (but it is the shareware). If you are interested in the freeware (pévious release) it can be download there:

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Use PStart

I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but PStart has kind of a note system built into it's program.'s better than nothing & it small (at 800 KB).


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d.gerar2 (not verified)
I've seen that (I use

I've seen that (I use PStart, it's cool), but as you said, this is not exactly what I was looking for, Stickies is not bad.
Thanks anyway!

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