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In order to test the multilang launcher I'm thinking about a solution to get an easy to create an use multilang OOo Portable.

The solution I found was to separate the package part 'the linux way' in one core part an several optional parts.

The benefit is, that we are able now to produce different packages (Full Installer with all options, core only, native-lang packages, option packages and so on) using the same infrastructure and installer.

At first You'll find a test release here
To show what's possible native lang packages for nl, fr, en-gb an de will follow the next days.


This Installer and launcher are mods of the last OpenOfficePortable Installer/Launcher of John Haller.
Some changes were made in order to enable lang support (Error messages and so on in different languages).

The idea is simple. One Package/Launcher for all supported Languages.
Its an ALPHA release (only for testing) at the moment, please use carefully!
If You have better translations for the french an dutch strings I'll be happy to include them if You'll post
it in the forum.

***Installer/Package Infos
The Installer gives You the options to install OpenOffice.orgPortable in en-US (default) en-GB, de, fr and nl.
You can choose if You'll install python, helpfiles and additional dictionaries.
If You'll choose all options You'll get an multilang OOoP version with all languages.
At the moment the Installer comes with the English and German strings only.

***Launcher Infos
The Multilang Launcher detects the setting of the Default regional settings.
At the moment for German, French, Dutch and (as default if no known language is detected) English.
(Keep in mind that the launcher ignores subs.
de-de de-at / en-us en-gb and so on are the same to simplify
the process at the moment).

You can test the effect changing the Default under Start_System Control_Regional Settings or if You have
Windows with on of the supported versions installed on Your system.

The code is under GPL like Johns original and included in the package.

I don't know Johns plans for future versions of OOo Portable ...

I'll be happy if John will include it into the original package/launchers
or use it wich way he wants, cause I will not publish a mod of John's excellent Package/Launcher.
So if he don't like it, it will not included to the next versions (German too).

But if help is needed or wanted 'on this front' let me know it Smile


md5 0a2049763d0836ce67cb40d6192bfcd7 108 MB (package) from 114up to 330 MB (installed)

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Please have a little look on it ...

... and lt me know if it's worth to work on it.


Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

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