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App Request - Sopcast client

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App Request - Sopcast client

Looking for a client to watch Sopcast feeds. There is an open source client at

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I backup that request

Very interesting request I think. I would like a portable client too.
Now: I know that Sopcast is not Open Source, so I know that you can't rewrite it. Bust as far as I remember it is OK (legal) to make a launcher for it right?
Could anyone please tell me if Sopcast is portable as per default?
With this thread in mind it could seem like it per default is able to work from a USB drive. But can someone please investigate if it leaves any traces behind + requires some specific files to work?
Could a launcher be made which made it (in case) not leave any traces behind + could also be great if someone could make a guide on which files it needs in order to work and how to make it portable from one single folder/directory?
@paperboy21: I checked out the website of that Open Source Peercast client you mentioned. To me it seems like it cannot handle sopcast feeds?
Back to Sopcast: Wikipedia points out a nice thing about Sopcast:
Quote: SopCast ([is] one of the few applications that can also be used on Linux)
Woops1: just investigated a bit further: first I found this page which like before also suggest that Sopcast can be made portable.
Woops2: Also found this thread, which also backs up the hope that it can be made portable. What I found even more interesting is the fact that someone mention a app called "Thinstall". I investigated it a bit and it is being said that it can make a random app portable :O. Also I found out that it has been bought by the wellknown VMWare company. Then I stubled onto this page: = A lot of programs made portable with Thinstall it seems...
This is really some exciting information to me and a big eyeopener I think. Is is that easy to make a app portable? just run it through Thinstall? (Question to John T. Haller)
I read that Thinstall emulates a second OS with its own registry and filesystem... Why hasn't I heard of this before?
Have also just found these two videos: one, two. Especially the last one I think, what that show is pure smartness (Don't know if its illegal to make a non Open Source app portable with Thinstall though).
Oops: Just searched through and first results was this where it seems to me that moderator (John T. Haller?) says that Thinstall is a illegal app. Could you please say something about this John?
If its not illegal, is it really that easy to make a app portable? just run it through Thinstall?
2cond result was this: Portable App Creator this one = a person says that Thinstall is not a free app.
4th result: is this

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That was a confusing read lol

That was a confusing read lol Wink

To better explain the "illegal Thinstall" part, the program itself is not illegal, but it costs something like $3000 US, so most copies in circulation are expected to be pirated versions. Those pirated versions are illegal.

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I am also looking to use

I am also looking to use sopcast as portable
is this possible?

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