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netbeans portable

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netbeans portable

I have already seen around here people asking for netbeans portable. I made an experiment and realized that it is possible - at least with version 5.5.1-
I zipped the contents of the folder where it was installed, then unzipped it in another pc, and found it doesn't have any problem, except that you have to let it know where is java jdk. So a simple patch is this: unzip it and edit etc\netbeans.conf
Set the java path in etc\netbeans.conf at:
netbeans_jdkhome="c:\program files\Java\jdk1.6.0_02" (or wherever you have it).

I don't know if this is a problem for the policies of this site, since netbeans is open source (CDDL), so the only problem is that it needs a jdk in the host machine (because it relies on java compiler and other development tools). So if you admit it in the portable applications list accepting this little problem you can just make that when it loads it just asks to the user (or maybe it could do by itself) where is jdk...

Thanks and regards.

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