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WinPenguins Portable [See Node 11137 For Latest Release]

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Windows Vista

I saw that some users say that they have issues with winpenguins under Windows Vista. Sad I have Windows Vista Ultimate and it works perfect. (on a normal wallpaper) Wink
edit: I retested it with windows dreamscene (available only on vista ultimate through windows update) and it doesn't work correctly. The penguins are framed by some squares and they blink. Shock When I closed winpenguins, some penguins exploded and reappeared again and again until I switched to a normal wallpaper. Shock weird huh?
PS: I still think that the penguins are really going to take over my computer! }:) Blum

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can they really invade other

can they really invade other computers on your network? if so, how?

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Unfortunately, no.

And I think someone already pointed that out.

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aw man. that would be epicly

aw man. that would be epicly cool Sad

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It ain't no workin' on XP (sorry, I just read part of a 1843 published diary)
It goes right through the icons, not the screen. This is true on any xp computer I use. It works perfectly on Vista, though.

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Are you

Using a bmp file for your wallpaper? Make sure you are.


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