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Shutdown computer after synchronizing/backup?

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Shutdown computer after synchronizing/backup?


an idea - would it be possible to provide Toucan with a check box "Shutdown computer" which would shutdown the computer when backup or synchronization is finished?

- As I suppose run Toucan at the end of work and as this operation may last a longer time, the check box may be useful...



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Seems more like a resident(installed) program feature. You would need Toucan to shut itself down, store settings, then shut the computer down.

I have used a defrag to shutdown program before and it was very heplful, but I was always left wondering whether it worked ok or not. I would always have to check the drive to make sure it did defrag. Leaving Toucan open and coming back after it finishes would allow you to tell if it worked properly.

I understand the reasoning, nut do not see the great benefit to it.

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