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SunbirdPortable.ini : AllowMultipleInstances=true doesn't work at all.

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SunbirdPortable.ini : AllowMultipleInstances=true doesn't work at all.

i would like to launch multiple instance of sunbird, so i looked in 'SunbirdPortable.ini' and found 'AllowMultipleInstances=false'. i've change it to 'AllowMultipleInstances=true'.
But it doesn't change anything.
Sunbird say:
"sunbird is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first closethe existing Sunbirdprocess, or restart your system."

I've look for something in sunbird and found 'parent.lock' in 'data/profile'. it seems to lock sunbird, and prevent it to have multiple instances.

Is this means 'AllowMultipleInstances' never work ?


John T. Haller
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May No Longer Work

Sunbird is a pre-1.0 product. The way it allows multiple instances is setting an environment variable. The method AllowMultipleInstances uses isn't really officially supported, though, and is not recommended for normal use.

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