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Java-Comix Portable (comic books viewer)

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Java-Comix Portable (comic books viewer)

Hi All,

I have pleasure to present portable version of Java-Comix.

Java-Comix is a comic book files viewer like CDisplay/CDisplayEx written in Java. It can read directories, 7z, zip, cbz, rar, cbr, tar, cbt, PDF files! Full screen, playlist, open multiple files.

This is BETA version since still I did not fix some issues - for example it must be installed under PortableApps/Comix otherwise C executable which runs Java will not find scripts (bat files) for it.

It can use Java installed on the machines where USB drive is attached or version provided on the drive itself (in PortableApps/CommonFiles/Java)

UnRar and 7-Zip executables are build into the distribution.

If you want to share any comments do not hesitate to send them to me - any input, not only about the portability, will be appreciated.

Testers are welcome Smile

Well... almost forgot to give links to download Smile

Project page:



Best Regards,
Pawel Bednarek

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Hi I'm starting to think


I'm starting to think that my application might be a piece of crap Sad

Anyway... hope at list few peoples enjoyed it Smile

Happy Diwali,
Pawel Bednarek

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I will give it a try later with some of my BWYS manga.

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Not working for me

Followed instructions, the app was installed in PortableApps\Comix. Clicking the icon in PortableApps Menu causes a command line window to flash breifly open, then closes. The app doesn't start.

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I am having the same

I am having the same problem. It worked w/ PAM 1.0 but i have upgraded to PAM 1.1 beta 4 and Comix will no longer open. It starts w/ Dos screen flashing up and just as quickly going out and nothing begins. The only way i could open the app (after installing 1.1b4) is by going to the root file (e:portable apps/comix and executing the "comix window batch file", please advise if any one finds a work around.


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Try CDisplayEX Portable

I just have not had the time to update it to the current launcher. Patrick was helping me. I don't know if he would be willing to finish it for me or not.

It works great as it is.

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He Sure Would

We should get it updated and released. My main e-mail is on my userpage, as I think you have my old IM account.

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