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TurboCASH(Financial Software)

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TurboCASH(Financial Software)

I would like to see a portable version of a financial software for use at home(i.e. something like Quikbooks or Quicken, etc.). The only open source software like this I have been able to find is a program called TurboCASH. If anyone knows of a better open source program for this purpose, I would love to know, and to see THAT program as a portable app on this site. Anyhow, information for TurboCASH as follows:

Program: TurboCASH

License: Open Source/GPL

Description: Financial software like Quickbooks.


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TurboCASH Portable

Yes I would all like to see TurboCASH as part of the Portable Apps Suite. I am the project leader and would be happy to help provide resources for this.

We already develop and market a portable version of TurboCASH - cut down to 30Mb - uses an embedded Firebird database - wites only to its own drive - released free under the GNU GPL2. Is there anything else required.

Philip Copeman, TurboCASH Accounting

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The address for Turbo-cash is bogus. It ends in a .net, not as listed (not an issue, just included information).
It requires registration to download and registration keys to work. I'm not signing up for some spam list just to download software.

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Requiring registration to a mailing list is not good etiquette to getting an app made portable. Many people will not want to do this, and you would /theoretically/ only get one registration from the person who portablizes the application as nobody else would need to go there to download it. Is there any particular reason a registration to a mailing list is required instead of optional?

Also - the serial keys might put a damper on making this portable.

And the URL of the OP is wrong or outdated... The URL actually is:

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When you register, it just bungs you over to the sourceforge WWW site?!!

Stick with gnucash - there's only one reason for asking for peoples email address, and that's to spam them.

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BIG software

It's also a 105MB download - don't know how much when decompressed, so it's not exactly small like gnucash/grisbi

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As well as gnucash, you might want to take a look at "GRISBI" as well

I don't think anyone's created a version though?

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