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MinGW Issue

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MinGW Issue

I've recently been using g95 to compile fortran programs. G95 requires MinGW and its libraries. The install g95 installer comes packaged with MinGW, and also an option to install g95 into a preexisting MinGW installation. Installing it on my home computer works fine, and I can compile without any trouble.

However, I tried the same with MinGW Portable, which was posted here. I tried both installing g95 directly and installing MinGW into the MinGW Portable directory (as the author suggested for updates). I received an error about the linker ld.exe not being able to find crd2.o. I did some searching and decided to move that file from the library folder to the app folder. That helped, but I was then fed this error:

ld: cannot find -lm

As stated previously, this worked with my native installation of MinGW and g95, so the problem lies with MinGW Portable. I installed g95 properly into the \app directory, and set the correct library path.

Anyone have any ideas?