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App Request

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has a portable version of Cain&Abel.
I did a search, but could only find someone mentioning it.

Cain&Abel is a free network tool wich does work when installed on a USB, only winpcap needs to be installed on each PC you use it in.


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Could be difficult

cause AFAIK it needs drivers to be installed.

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I honestly don't know the difference of the two

But John says he is working on Wireshark which needs admin privleges. I dunno if the two apps are similar or not.

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yes, sorta

Wireshark also needs WinPcap to do packet sniffing. If John can figure out that one, someone else could use the NSIS script and possibly use it on other apps. I'm pretty sure they'll all need to be run with admin privileges.

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Just Curious...

what do you use Cain & Abel for? Wink

Please Make TiLP Portable

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Im a network

Im a network administrator..
I use cain to monitor network traffic.

I also use it for some extend as a pentest tool.

I have full administrator access to everything and I can install winpcap on each PC in the network.. I just don't want to install cain on them, as people might abuse it..

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Seems a fair reason to

Seems a fair reason to me.

Also, consider placing the name of the Apps you want to have portabled (???) at your topic main, because this is a forum entirely dedicated to suggesting future apps, and your topic descript just meant unnecessary redundancy on that point.

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