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Portable Thunderbird

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Portable Thunderbird

I didn't see an open topic for the Beta Testing of this app.

I usually have to send system information, and have all the goodies right here. The program I used to get all the information on my system can be found at this URL:

I have my system information posted at this URL: (464 KB)

I find that Portable Thunderbird won't save in the drafts file twice in a row. I usually use a lot of graphics and formatting for stationery. I also find the program changing the word file:/// to mailbox:/// in the source. I used to have problems with running the program on the computer described in the system information page, but the upgrade from ver. 1.0.7 to 1.5 did the trick.

It's possible I have goofed something up by using the folders in the program directory to hold the graphics, though I doubt it. Since this is a "Portable" app, wouldn't it be prudent to add a directory for the graphics?