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Gizmo Project skype alternative

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Gizmo Project skype alternative

Hello all,
Im just starting to get into portable applications and the scene is so amazing!
it would be great if Gizmo project was ported its a skype alternative that is cheaper for landline out/in calling purposes. ( see: ) I have read here there was an attempt on a portable skype but was questioned because of the legal status of it since skype is not an opensource application (see

Many thanks for all your contributions

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check out openwengo

i tried gizmo a while ago, forget it openwengo is better.

they also have an extension for firefox which you can call directly from!

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Portable openwengo

is there a portable version of openwengo?

Henry Juliao

Henry Juliao

John T. Haller
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Not yet

Got one in alpha testing, though.


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Winpenpack claim to have a portable version.

I am sure that there is also a Firefox extension for Wengo as well.
Regards NMC

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