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Ryan McCue
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Temporary Development Wiki

I've set up a temporary development wiki on my site to work on until the PAF is finalised and I can start editing the development pages. These wiki pages will probably shape how the new development section ends up, so go wild. I'm almost 100% sure I'm going to copy over the contents of it later.

Patrick Patience
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I'll set up an application development page there too as I notice my post has been updated instead of having the table removed. Blum

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Cool 2

Good idea!
(not really a necessary post as(almost) all of Ryans posts are good ideas) Wink

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Your wiki

I didn't know that there are people from Russia on PortableApps.
The software you mention on your site does quite a bit the same as my xcopy tool programmed in java. Looks nice what you do. Smile

I like webdesign, especially with some portable apps

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