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PuTTY: False Positives with McAfee?

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PuTTY: False Positives with McAfee?

Is anyone else getting what I presume is a false positive hit for "Generic StartPage.r" on %TEMP%\nsvXXX.tmp\registry.dll when opening and closing PuTTY Portable? This appears to have just shown up for me in today's McAfee update (5150/October 26th 2007).

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there is ah next post on it to its todays update. And it appairs with any portable app it seems because it happen with me on countless times. Tell McAfee bout the BS they doing.

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More False Positives

This is likely a false positive.

It has been happening with FFP and TBP as well.

Be assured that Official programs are virus free.
Sometimes some of the things the apps need to do "look" suspicious to some antimalware programs and they need to be updated. Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should Sad

Please read the following 2 threads:

and now:

Hopefully McAfee [and AVG] will get the message and update soon,
we hope Sad

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The PortableApps version claims to be version 0.60, but if you compare the MD5 checksum of the internal putty.exe file at \PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\App\putty\putty.exe with the expected MD5 found here: , they are not the same. I'm suspicious to say the least.

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That's due to UPX compression, which shrinks an EXE to save space (and is unrelated to the false positive above which McAfee has since corrected on their end). It's an open source (GPLed) utility. You can UNUPX the EXE yourself and it'll match the official MD5 sum again. UPX homepage

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... lightning fast response. Thanks for the clarification.

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So, have you switched on file-size displaying yet ? Smile

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