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GIMP: How do you install the help file?

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GIMP: How do you install the help file?

I downloaded it, a large (70mb) file and, in the absence of any instruction as to where it should go, I copied it into the main Gimp folder on my USB drive, where the Gimp program is contained. When I use the Gimp program and click on "Help" it still says "file not found"? Dunowot else to do. I scoured the Gimp web site for information on how to install the help file, but found nothing after an hour of looking. Any suggestion appreciated! Sad

I did note that the help document is filled with "language" files, which I picked thru and tried to delete as best possible without getting rid of the good stuff. In doing this the thing is changed to a more manageable size. Sadly even that is of no help if the file can't be installed at all, which I am beginning to think is the truth of it.

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It's Easier

If you download this same help file with the Installer. Make sure your GIMPPortable folder is under a PortableApps folder like you would have if you have installed the PortableApps Menu.

So your setup should look like this:


Then click to install the help file from the link above and you should be fine.

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The best way to know where

The best way to know where the help files go is to try help from GIMP without them and note the error message. I've written up an article on my experience with GIMP install on Windows on the Theatre of Noise. I hope this makes things much easier.

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What a complication

I installed Portable Apps Suite Standard, and at first look can say : WHAT A MAZE !
I'm with hummble knowlege about PC, but really some facts stands: all right, I have some apps installed in Suite and now must race to update, and when find update I'm unable to do it because, missing paf. extension. Isn't loggical that gays at find requred updates and prepare to install via Suite? Further, one ellegant solution can be GENERAL update modul (like in Firefox) which will search for updates and install it automatic, in three steps:

Update download => convert to paf. => Update Suite

At me Suite is installed at G: (USB stick) and attempt to install english help (from at
ends with error messege:

Gimp 2.0 installation path could not be read from Registry. Please install Gimp 2.4.0 or later first (??? v2.4.5 is installed with Suite and it is in G:\PortableApps)

Probably I'm wrong, but this messege, for me, ravage basical concept of Suite, to use it at every PC, without installing on C: with OS. I have installed Suite, but no at other PC.
I know my bad english and humble PC knowlege are big cumber, so hope at understanding and help.

P.S. I know ... (Socrat)

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