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Rapidshare Direct Download

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Rapidshare Direct Download

Ok, this is actually a continuation...or an extension (more like an alternative) of my initial post about bypassing Megaupload limits:

However this time its for Rapidshare, it seems a program called Direct Download is able to bypass download limits as well as speed up d/l process (or so they claim)...but with a few bugs...especially with .rar extensions (just my luck! Sad's the link to the discussion:

Anyone care to validate?

[Moderator RM: Once again, OT. Moved.]

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registration required

No one is going to join that forum just to read a discussion they care close to nothing about.

Using a program to get around the bandwidth limits of a site is a lot more unethical than what I posted in the other thread.

The TOR anonymizing proxy method I described in the other thread is like you not having gas in your car and then borrowing mine to go to the store. This method you describe of using a program is like not having gas in your car, stealing your neighbor's lawnmower gas, putting it in your car, and then driving your car to the store.

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