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A good autorun solution

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A good autorun solution

Boy, this autorun topic is full of conflicts, successes, and failures. I think I've read every post and thread on the subject. I couldn't get any of several prescribed autorun.inf to work on my 2K SP4 OS, and my trial Ceedo usually did but sometimes didn't. I want my 2gb Sandisk Mini to not only carry files, but assist me in my computer repair business. I wanted it to open to the Pstart menu.

I have a lot of clients still running 98, let alone 2K and XP. So, it was important to me that a solution would work cross OS. And we all know how 98 doesn't like mass storage devices.

A page on this forum linked to Torosoftware for their Auto Run USB program. It was pretty poor. However, when I later went to their home page instead of the link, I found out that the link was for version 1.0 and they are now at 3.0! I installed it and it worked great. Then I discovered the flaw........

It would only recognise the opening program (Pstart) if it was the same drive letter as origianlly installed. So, that night I emailed them with this concern. While I was still sawing logs, at 6:50AM I got a mail that said they would try to rectify this. At 7:35 (still in bed, I was up late) he had the fix! I had to reinstall the new version, no biggie, it works great!

The old 1.0 installation would fit on a floppy, but the 3.0 won't. I was told that the 1.0 should work OK, no guarentees. I guess I will just put the 3.0 on a mini-CD. Maybe get it self booting, use Pstart, and have several utilities on it, no?

While in an ideal world, our flash drives would just open on all OS's, all or no service packs, I find Auto Run USB to be the best option, for my needs, anyway. When you are done, you can leave the little exe running on the host computer's boot, or use msconfig to not start it, or use it's built in quick uninstaller to be rid of it.

You can put the program in as many hosts as you want for free - very important for service work. The cost to licens it on your flash drive is - can you handle this? - a whopping $7.99! How reasonable is that, especially with the support and help this guy has given me.

Head on over to: They have some other nice little programs at very reasonable prices for your flash.