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Request Punto Switcher

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Request Punto Switcher

Hi all!
Could anybody make portable one of the best keyboard switchers -- "punto switcher"?
The original app is here to find:

Great thanks in advance!

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It is in Russian....

And also is it open source?

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...the heck is a "keyboard switcher" anyway?..

(Reply in English or Spanish, plz; no hablo Russian...)

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Ryan McCue
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Just a guess

It's probably a keyboard remapper, like to change from QWERTY to DVORAK or AZERTY without altering system setting (and only temporarily too).

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Yeah, this is a little utility which recognizes the keyboard layout - meaning you type English and then start typing Russian and it will change the layout and change the text into Russian. This is useful if you work with complex texts or when you are Russian and browse the web where you have to type Russian or English continuously. Plus it can do Auto-correct from user dictionary and few other things. It will be good for Greek, Hebrew, and other non-Latin languages or languages with many special characters (special marks over letters etc.).
The problem with it is that it although works from a flash drive still writes to the registry and the way it operates is by loading its own dll into running programs so to properly take out the stick you'll have to shut all down - sucks.
But the idea is nice. It uses simple lists of combinations of letters in two languages which are non-existent: like pf[jlb doesn't exist in English but in Russian layout it will mean "come in".
Having it or something like it really portable would be nice.


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I couldn't agree more, Punto

I couldn't agree more, Punto Switcher is really needed!

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yeah hell yeah

yeah hell yeah


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