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Pidgin: Portable Gaim 2.0 problems

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Pidgin: Portable Gaim 2.0 problems

I just downloaded portable Gaim 2.0 multilingual and it has some problems.

I was using portable Gaim 1.5 and I just copied all my old setting into new directory. This works fine.

But the problems are:

- there is no OTR support (or I am blind? - I can't see it among plugins)

- there is no gaim-encryption support. I think there should be because of compatibility. A lot of people is still using it (OTR is still new), and if we want to be compatible with them, it is important to have it)

- there is no default smileys and I am also not able to import them. I go to Tools>Preferences>Smiley Themes (or sth like that - I am using localised version of Gaim), and drag&drop themes there. But they do not appear anywhere.

- there is no support fo IRC via SSL (6697 port), but I have read that Gaim 2.0 supports that.

And just a question: is it possible to have IRC channels also listed among contacts, even if you are not connected to IRC server?

Tnahks for answers a lot.

dragonito (not verified)
Hi, i got a problem with


i got a problem with MSN-Connection. It only works with HTTP enabled. Problem. I can use only one connection to MSN in my Network. If someone else want to use MSN it does not work, the connection will be refused. With the old version of gaim it works fine without http Connection.

Perhaps someone does an idea?`

Greets from germany


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Try official version

Does the normal (i.e. not portable) version of Gaim 2 work? It's still in Beta, so there might be issues with it that you will need to contact their developers about.

It's very unlikely that the work John has done to make Gaim portable would stop you from connecting.

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Same problems

Running PGaim 2.0 on Win 2000/XP. No smileys and the extended preferences plugin does not work.

Despite the above runs great and is less filling. Thanks.

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