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Bookmark Updates

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Bookmark Updates

I'm not trying to beat a dead horse and would like to avoid the acrimony that surrounded the previous post on this topic (, but I wanted to revisit the issue of slow bookmark updates.

The USB drive speed seems to be a significant factor, but in my own personal tests (identical bookmarks.html file on multiple fast/reliable USB 2.0 drives), the bookmarks.html file itself makes a big difference.

What I'm wondering:
1) Is there a way to structure your bookmarks to minimize this update delay? I am a bookmark junkie and typically have hundreds and that seems to be part of the problem.

2) Has anyone come across a workaround either with a Firefox setting or maybe an extension or add-on? Is there anything that can be done through software to alleviate this delay?

I just would like to see some discussion on this topic. I'd be willing to offer up my bookmarks.html file if anyone wants to do their own testing.


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Same answer

The answer is the same as before. You simply need to get a faster drive. There's nothing else that can be done about it until Firefox switches to using SQLite for bookmarks.

You MAY be able to reduce the size of your bookmarks file itself by disabling the icons stored within it (these are stored as encoded binary bits and are the reason bookmarks.html is as large as it is). Details are here:

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