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Changing back the icon and name of my flash drive

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Changing back the icon and name of my flash drive

Ever since I installed the Menu, my flash drive's icon and name has changed. See the pictures at

Like where the icon for the flash drive l:\ isn't like the other drives' icons, and it's called PortableApps. Even though I tried to rename it, it still remains PortableApps. Is it possible to change the icon and name back to how it was originally, and if so, how? Thanks.

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Control Panel -> Folder

Control Panel -> Folder Options -> Show Hidden Files and Folders

My Computer (or Computer on Vista) -> Secret -> delete autorun.inf

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Woow not so fast no need for deleting

do what he said and then open the autorun.inf (not del it) and then u could edit it.
u should see something like this

Open=PortableApps\EasyPath\Easy Path.exe
Action=Start Easy Path

This is for the autorun to work if it actually works for u.
ok first change


to what ever icon part u want if u want a custom icon or del it for defualt.
and for the name change


to what ever name u want


and just save it and that should work
how ever it the autorun file does not work for u then it would make sense u del it
i won't but is up to u.

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