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Technical Tip: Blocking Referrers?

If you reached this page while clicking on a download link while browsing our website, your browser could be sending an invalid HTTP_REFERER. Please set your browser to either use standard referrers or, if you are more privacy conscious, disable referrers entirely. If you need some help with the extension you are using, here are some links to popular extensions which should link to their how-to or support pages:

Determine Your Browser and Whether Referrers Are Working

If you want to see what browser you are using, check WhatIsMyBrowser. From that page, you can scroll down to What is My Referrer to ensure you have referrers enabled as well.

Need Additional Help?

If you need additional help, you can make a post in our General Support Forum. Please include details like your operating system, OS version, browser, browser version, etc. The more details you can give us, the faster we'll be able to help you get your downloads working.