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PortableApps.com New Apps

All our new app releases are listed below. You should also check out our updated app releases and news...

Date New Portable App App Type
Dec 13, 2012 New: Wise Disk Cleaner Portable 7.69 (disk cleaner and... Freeware Release
Dec 13, 2012 New: World Clock Portable 6.0 (multiple time zone clock)... Freeware Release
Dec 09, 2012 New: Process Monitor Portable 3.03 (real-time file,... Freeware Release
Dec 09, 2012 New: Lucas Chess Portable 6.4c (chess trainer and player)... Open Source Release
Dec 09, 2012 New: McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
Dec 06, 2012 New: DebugView Portable 4.81 Rev 2 (system debug output... Freeware Release
Dec 05, 2012 New: Process Explorer Portable 15.23 (task manager and... Freeware Release
Dec 01, 2012 New: FeedRoller Portable 0.63 (desktop RSS ticker) Released Freeware Release
Nov 30, 2012 New: SnapTimer Portable 0.1 (countdown timer) Released Freeware Release
Nov 29, 2012 New: WhatChanged Portable 1.07 (registry and file change... Freeware Release
Nov 29, 2012 New: Autoruns Portable 11.34 (autorun configuration utility... Freeware Release
Nov 27, 2012 New: Artha Portable 1.0.3 (offline thesaurus) Released Open Source Release
Nov 26, 2012 New: TyperTask Portable 1.20 Rev 2 (text substitution... Freeware Release
Nov 26, 2012 New: Password Gorilla Portable (secure password... Open Source Release
Nov 25, 2012 New: Q-Eye Portable (QlikView data file viewer)... Freeware Release
Nov 23, 2012 New: SpeedyFox Portable 2.0.3 Rev 4 (speed up Firefox,... Freeware Release
Nov 15, 2012 New: Pencil Project Portable 2.0.2 (prototyping and... Open Source Release
Nov 15, 2012 New: AndreaMosaic Portable 3.33 (mosaic image creator)... Freeware Release
Nov 15, 2012 New: PWGen Portable 2.1.0 (secure password generator)... Open Source Release
Nov 14, 2012 New: ControlPad Portable 0.72 (numeric keypad app and... Freeware Release
Oct 30, 2012 New: QwikMark Portable 0.4 (Quick system benchmark) Released Freeware Release
Oct 29, 2012 New: Gridy Portable 0.50 (snap your open windows to a grid... Open Source Release
Oct 28, 2012 New: Beret Portable 1.2.1 (2D puzzle platformer game)... Open Source Release
Oct 27, 2012 New: BabelPad Portable (Unicode text editor and... Freeware Release
Oct 26, 2012 New: KeepNote Portable 0.7.8 (note taking and organization... Open Source Release