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All our new app releases are listed below. You should also check out our updated app releases and news...

Date New Portable App App Type
Apr 05, 2011 New: TinyTask Portable 1.45 (simple macro record/playback)... Freeware Release
Apr 05, 2011 New: Scorched 3D Portable 43.2a (turn-based artillery game... Open Source Release
Apr 05, 2011 New: PopMan Portable 1.3.1 (lightweight email notifier)... Open Source Release
Apr 05, 2011 New: Checksum Control Portable 1.5 (create and verify MD5/... Open Source Release
Apr 04, 2011 New: ZSoft Uninstaller Portable 2.5 (software uninstaller... Freeware Release
Mar 31, 2011 New: Diffpdf Portable 1.1.4 (PDF file comparison) Released Open Source Release
Mar 30, 2011 New: DM2 Portable 1.23.1 (window control enhancer) Released Open Source Release
Mar 29, 2011 New: Quick Solitaire 3.2.6 Portable (seven classic... Open Source Release
Mar 28, 2011 New: Ditto Portable (clipboard manager and... Open Source Release
Mar 27, 2011 New: Quick Bridge 3.1.9 Portable (play bridge against the... Freeware Release
Mar 26, 2011 New: WarMUX Portable 11.01 (turned-based war of UNIX... Open Source Release
Mar 25, 2011 New: Quick Poker Portable 3.3.2 (play poker against the... Freeware Release
Mar 24, 2011 New: MP3Gain Portable 1.2.5 (MP3 audio normalization)... Open Source Release
Mar 23, 2011 New: Quick Cribbage Portable Rev 2 (play cribbage... Freeware Release
Mar 22, 2011 New: SIW Portable 2010.07.14 (system information for... Freeware Release
Mar 21, 2011 New: Kobo Deluxe Portable 0.5.1 (3rd person 2d space... Open Source Release
Mar 20, 2011 New: Frhed Portable 1.6.0 Revision 2 (free hex editor)... Open Source Release
Mar 19, 2011 New: TIPP10 Portable 2.1.0 (touch typing tutor) Released Open Source Release
Mar 18, 2011 New: Hex-a-Hop Portable 1.1.0 (hexagonal puzzle game)... Open Source Release
Mar 17, 2011 New: Zint Barcode Studio Portable 2.4.1 (barcode generator... Open Source Release
Mar 16, 2011 New: Explorer++ Portable 1.2 (multi-tab file manager)... Open Source Release
Mar 15, 2011 New: Hot Spot Studio Portable 2.1 (mix light to create art... Freeware Release
Mar 14, 2011 New: Listary Portable 2.0.392 (find-as-you-type search for... Freeware Release
Mar 13, 2011 New: Don't Panic! Portable 1.4.2 (one-click app hider... Open Source Release
Mar 12, 2011 New: Windows Error Lookup Tool Portable 2.0.3 (get details... Freeware Release
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