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computer repair

granpa4075 - November 19, 2007 - 12:53pm
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I would like to obtain (or see produced), a suite of programs to "kickstart" computers that have lost their speed over time. The suite should include a virus scan, shareware and popup scan, hardware test for hard drives, memory etc., removal of junk files and so forth.

Also, a registry tool to clean up, defrag etc would be very useful.

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try this format

Program: My Example Program

License: Open Source/GPL

Description: An example program.


Other: 5 registry entries left

come with an idea for a program
so that people can make a launcher for it please
use this site
it is a very useful

Please search before posting. ~Thanks


if you want to start one for yourself, install either speed it up free 4.0 or fix it utilities.

i have both, speed it up free is pretty good, it has ram booster, harddrive defrag/optimization, registry defrag/optimization and you can cleen up temporary files that windows doesent let you hit.

fix it utilities is more full fetured but you have to buy it. althogh it doesent have rambooster, it has everything else that SIUF4.0 has as well as full pc diagnostics and virus/adware scanning.

both of these are kinda portable if you copy the files to a seperate disk, they worked on a network computer just by acsessing the .exe

fix it utilities is not open source and can only be used privately, as far as i can see, SIUF4.0 is not open source but there dont seem to be restrictions but still, only private!

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link is wrong

The speed it up link takes me to a download for a marine screen saver.

Is this the right one?
edit: I just now noticed the linky you posted below...

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Download JKDefrag to do a

Download JKDefrag to do a disk defragment.

Use ClamWin Portable from this site for Anti Virus

Download the CCleaner Portable version from their site for junk file and registry cleanup.

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that works to.

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Not only that...

...but it also works "too"...

Laughing out loud

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gee! sorry! i ment "too".

gee! sorry! i ment "too". and the linkfor speed it up: here. and i checked it this time and it is correct.

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please link to the site,

please link to the site, rather than creating a direct link to the exe. Linking directly to the exe is considered bad practice because the user then has to download the file and then go to the home site to research the product, rather than being able to research before downloading. Also, directly linking to an exe could be considered an attempt at infecting one's PC with malware, or spamming. Also, many sites explicitly state that a link to their site is fine, but not to directly link to their files.

I'm sure your intents are not malicious, but please, in the future, link to the website for the application, rather than the application itself.

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What registry cleanup?

What registry cleanup?
Ah, gonna try it Smiling


bolth of them allow you to clean the registry of broken links, unnessacary info and duplicates, that kinda stuff. Fix it works best for that thogh.

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what registry cleaning for?

What should be cleaning for? The regclean.exe from MS does it also and works fine.

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