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Portable Virtual PC 2007

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lococobra - November 29, 2007 - 7:42pm
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Current version: 1.26

New stuff:
• Automatic updater
• Fixed some bugs with driver/service installation, though that's still a bit of a work in progress..
• Faster startup

Download Here

What is Virtual PC?

Use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer.

What is "Portable Virtual PC"?

This is the portable wrapper I wrote for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. My distribution does not contain any files which could be considered illegal to distribute. Read more Here

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Very clever. Unfortunately it doesn't sound very portable.

A. In order to be able to share you internet connection with virtual machines, a special driver must be loaded into the system. When the driver is loaded, it reconfigures your connection to work with Virtual PC. This problem is unavoidable since the driver must be loaded in order for Virtual PC to work.


Not a problem

"Features: Advanced file cleanup/Settings restoration - If you already have Virtual PC installed, no files/configurations will be altered. All settings are restored upon Portable Virtual PC closing."

This includes the mentioned driver. Also, if my program crashes, then next time it's run it asks if you would like to use crash cleanup.

Take a look at the source code included, you should be able to get an idea of how it all works. I assure you I put a great deal of effort into maintaining portability in all circumstances. You can even run my portable version on a computer that has the real version without disturbing the host installation. All registry keys and files that are replaced are restored to their previous versions upon program exit.


isnt this liscensed microsoft software? and since it is, isnt it CLOSED SOURCE?!?!

I Am We Todd Ed, I Am We Todd Ed, I Am Sofa King We Todd Ed. Eye-wink

Yes, but...

He just posted the launcher, not Virtual PC itself.

I have got this running

I have got this running (Thank You!) but it doesn't seem to remember my virtual pc's in the list.

Everytime I start Portable Virtual PC it asks me to add a new machine. I have put all my VPC's in the directory 'Virtual Machines' but I am still having the problem.


I dont like this, because
1. Its closed source
2. Virtual PC is not usable on XP home

Instead i use Virtualbox which is fully open source and seems to work great.


It is, just select passed whatever it notifies you about.

But yes, VirtualBox totally tops.


I dont like this, because
1. Its closed source
2. Virtual PC is not usable on XP home

Virtual PC is closed source, but that's not what was posted. My wrapper is completely open source.

It does work on XP home, it will pop up a message about some compatibility errors, but everything still works fine as far as I've been able to tell.

Everytime I start Portable Virtual PC it asks me to add a new machine. I have put all my VPC's in the directory 'Virtual Machines' but I am still having the problem.

I am planning another release today to fix a bug that's causing high CPU usage... so I'll take a look at this problem. The method I use for linking the virtual machines is by manually creating shortcuts to each VMC file in the 'Virtual Machines' folder. It's possible that there's a problem creating the links. Are you sure you put all the VMC (virtual machine configuration) and VHD (virtual hard drive) files in the virtual machines folder? If so, what OS / Service pack are you running, do you have admin rights? More descriptive = better.

I was running it on my

I was running it on my Laptop (it's mine so I have admin rights) which has xp Pro sp2. I copied all my vpc's into the 'Virtual Machines' folder on my usb hard disk. My vpc's were in sub folders by name of what the machine was, e.g.

Virtual machines
-> XPsp2
--- -> Xpsp2 VMC and VHD
-> DCWin2K3
--- -> DCWin2K3 VMC and VHD
-> DCWin2Ksp4
--- -> DCWin2Ksp4 VMC and VHD
etc. etc.

I have also tried this on my home pc (which is running xp pro sp2 with admin rights). It installs fine and runs fine but doesn't remember the vpc's you add.
If you need anymore help let me know. cheers Rochey


I see the problem. My search routine does not scan the virtual machines folder recursively.

In other words, put the files in the main directory, not in subdirectories. If you do that, everything should work. Perhaps I'll update the search code on the next release.


Are you sure VirtualBox is opensource? Smiling, I wonder why there are two versions?

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MCP (For XP and Server 2003)
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The support in VirtualBox

The support in VirtualBox for the virtual machines to recognize a USB device is a closed source component. The rest is open source AFAIK

The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705

Version 1.22

Just updated to version 1.22


Version 1.22 - November 30, 2007
• Changed: Several PVPC messages
• Fixed: Registration code registry key was not using the updated registry code system
• Updated: Process check for Virtual PC wait time from 250ms to 1300ms - this should decrease PVPC's CPU usage considerably
• Updated: VMC file search function - now searches subfolders of the 'Virtual Machines' folder