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New message notification sound.

Anthony A - December 1, 2007 - 8:49pm
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I have a sound I like to set for the new message notification in Thunder Bird. In TB options I just set it to use the sound. On my normal install this is no problem. On portable TB I set the path to the file but the drive letter will change depending on then machine I am on. So if I set the path as F:/Documents/gmail.wav it doesn't work if I am on a machine that designates my thumb drives as another letter other than F. Is there a way around this?

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Oddly, the sound file is stored as "file:\\\D:\... whereas all other file locations are stored as "D:\\... so the launcher doesn't update it. (The launcher updates your prefs.js changing paths for attachment directories and extension settings already) I'll see about adding in that feature in the next release.

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Relative ?

I have the same problem
is it possible to use a relative path ?

Try it youself

but I guess not. Otherwiese I'm sure John would have mentioned it.

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Maybe we could upload the

Maybe we could upload the sound to a web site and use a real remote URL using http protocol instead of the file protocol.

Maybe set it to something like...

until relative paths are allowed.

I tried setting it to a url

I tried setting it to a url like above and it didn't work.

Found the answer: I put the

Found the answer:

  1. I put the sound file in the same directory the TBird exe is
  2. I used the advanced config editor to set the value of mail.biff.play_sound.url to the name of my sound file

Works just fine, no matter which computer I am on.

Note (in case it matters): my file is a WAV file.

Is there a way that someone

Is there a way that someone with very little knowledge of computer codes to do this? I tried understanding what you did with no avail.

I havent trird it myself

but I think I can elaborate:

  1. Put the sound file in the same directory the Thunderbird.exe is. (I think it has to be a ?.wav file)
  2. Open Thunderbird Portable
  3. Goto Extras - Preferences/Options - Advanced - Config Editor
  4. Into the addressbar at the top you type "mail.biff.play_sound.url"
  5. You rightclick on the "mail.biff.play_sound.url"-entry and select "Modify"
  6. Type in the name of the soundfile you put in the Thunderbird folder (First step)

That should do it.

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I've done that ...

but put the file in the Data folder so it gets saved in the backup when I use PAM Backup of "Data" only.

Also, I had to browse and reselect the file in the General tab after I changed it in mail.biff as it didn't work as the default sound file.

I don't know if the mail.biff is the reference to the "Default", probably not. Is the Default sound file the one that is on my Windows system or my TBP system when it says "Default System Sound"?

Other than that, I just tried the new mail alert in the E drive and then the F drive on different computers and it worked fine.

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that works too and the launcher takes care of the changing driveletter.

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now it doesn't work ...

hmm, I just tried it and moved again, but it didn't play.

I'm not sure why either.
When I changed mail.biff, reselected it in the General tabs, and then tried it on two computers, it worked. But just now I went to another computer, and it didn't.

Oh well, hopefully John is able to make it part of the normal procedural way where choosing it manually in the General Tabs gets sorted out properly when TBP starts.

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Notification sound

I use the T-bird add-on Splash! - - it allows you to customize the splash screen and also play sounds at startup and closedown. From the same page, if you search for "sound", you will find a number of add-ons that support notification sound - see

cool beans ...

I'll have to try them out. At least it's a good sign that theoretically folks can make it work as a default in tbp if folks have made addons that do the deed.

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A little up. any chance to

A little up.
any chance to use this possibility:

Maybe force the use of a specific name for the sound file for facilitating the thing? or maybe something into the ini file?

Sorry for bringing up that

Sorry for bringing up that two-year old thread, but he problem still exists: When I move my Thundebird portable to another location, the notification sound doesn't work anymore until I go into options and specify a the new path. Although my "post.wav" is in the same directory as TB-portable.
EDIT: I use

Another suggestion

Just as another way to get round this..

I use USBDLM (usb drive letter manager) to manage what drive letter my USB is assigned via a configuration file.

Basically you put the USB device ID (found in device manager) into the INI file, tell it what drive letter you want it to use and it will make it so. Obviously you need this set up on each PC you use but if like me it's mainly the same machines you regularly use then it may be of use.

The program runs as a service so is completely configure and forget.

This extract of my INI file below shows what is required to assign a letter to a drive. (Sharp eyes might notice that the device ID for T: is shortened.. this allows two similar drives to have the same letter because they are backup drives and I switch them daily but want them to have the same drive letter).






any update on moving sounds

yet? it's not critical, but just missing it. Sad Or are we still waiting for thunderbird to let it be relative?

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