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7-zip and foobar2000

Anonymous - December 9, 2005 - 10:44am
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Both are open source and frequently usedSo it would be easy to make a portable version, right? 

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Yea, I would love a portable foobar.

Hmm, isn't foobar2000

Hmm, isn't foobar2000 portable? I installed it and copied all files to a folder - for example: \portable foobar\foobar

I checked registry and don't found any entry. Play list, etc. are saved in programm directory. There for you have just to use "Full Installation" - not "All User" or "Enable per-user settings"! I installed foobar2000 0.8.3 - special and copied the files. I see no problems. All plugins are located in "components\". So you can start foobar by running the exe-file.

greetz Bulldash


Foobar is portable and many medias players are too.

hundred of portable applications:

Oh yea, I totally forgot

Oh yea, I totally forgot about the "Enable per-user settings" check box. =p

7 zip

7zip can be made portable thats how i use it just install it on the usb drive instead of the hard drive and use the 7zFM.exe instead of the 7z.exe when you run it. Should work fine it does for me.

I'd like to see a decent

I'd like to see a decent launcher like there is for Portable Firefox.

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With 7zip, there already is

With 7zip, there already is a "no install" version you can download from them, which can be used as a portable app.
- Chris
www.quate.net, Portable Apps List


Just e-mail me at cmlp13@aim.com and i'll help you with 7-Zip

Why not posting it here directly?

How about posting your changes/modifications/howto here?

Cya Ryushi


it is to complicated, and i can send you an atachment of the program.


if ya whant i can healp with foobar2000 aswell