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portable registry editor

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- December 8, 2007 - 4:01pm
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program: Reg

license: gpl


other comments: i did not see any new registry entries with regshot but it creates a file in the same dir that it is in.

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But wouldn't it undo your

But wouldn't it undo your registry changes on shut down Eye-wink

[that was a joke, sorry, I couldn't help myself Smiling ]


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?


Very very funny!!

It creates a bunch of keys

It creates a bunch of keys under "HKCU\Software\DKG\Reg"

Edit: And every time I run it I get an error message saying something along the lines of "there was an error synchronizing with the registry, make sure you have full administrator privileges."

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yea i saw that too...

... i forgot that i had first run the program and then i thought about reg checking. i just found the same thing Sad .
about that sign i belive that it only affects one key called HKEY_DYN_DATA
which is used by the program.
but from hearing this i am guessing that it is not portable
Edit: I just ran this on another computer and i did not find any registry entries, i only some on the first computer that i started it on.
so i am not sure what you saw.

Please search before posting. ~Thanks


Just delete the registry keys when you open it! (it's a registry editor, after all!)

lol i did

lol i did Eye-wink

The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705

Not so useful

Generally, if access to the registry editor is prohibited, so is access to the registry itself... so is there much point to this?

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i used this on a limited

i used this on a limited account and it worked fine, it allowed me to add, modify, and delete things.

Please search before posting. ~Thanks


If I end up getting some of the tools like UniExtract, RegShot, NSIS, etc portablized, this would be a great addition to the lineup for PortableApp developers he need their tools portable themselves.

It'd be great on vista

It'd be great on vista because Regedit.exe requires admin privs.

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made it

here is the link

Please search before posting. ~Thanks


it will never work, you simply need admin. privliges and you shouldent be hacking an unknown computer's registry anyway. + you NEED administrator privliges.

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Ok, first off someone above said it doesn't need admin privleges. That could be quite untrue, but don't say anything unless you've tried this program on a limited account yourself.

Second, it may not be an 'unknown computer'. Maybe you're helping a friend clean out their registry, or you're doing some fixes in the registry on a very corrupted machine.

And why are you talking about hacking? You're the one who made the pointless post in the off-topic forum about hacking some site.

End of post. I won't reply to any replies to this to keep on topic.

who here watches Scrubs?

*virtual high five*

Please Make TiLP Portable

Scrubs is a great

Scrubs is a great show....

And this portable registry editor here, will be a great addition (just to keep things on topic)

The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705