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Quicken Finance Software

Anonymous - March 5, 2006 - 11:16am
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Is it possible in the near future to have a portable app for Quicken Finance software?
I am unable to install the program @ work due to administrative privileges not being afforded to me.


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Money Manager

Check out Money Manager I found it at

Not so interested in Quicken specifically, but....

I'd certainly like to see some kind of portable finance application. It'd like to be able to manage expenses while traveling. Personally I dont use all the features of Quicken/MS-Money but basically an electronic checkbook register with reconciled/cleared check function, etc...

I'd like to use something like this if someone is interested in making it...unfortunately I dont do any development myself...


and portable, after install....
No good opensource that I could find anyway.


How do you mean?

Do you need to install locally then copy and paste to portable drive?

Life is about the journey not the destination!

The Kazoo Spartan


yes, just copy from program folders.
paste to drive.

then uninstall.

Thank You!

Many thanks. Some of us are just wanna be geeks.

I appreciate your help!

Life is about the journey not the destination!

The Kazoo Spartan


Thanks! I just wonder how this company makes such a nice-looking product if it's free...sometimes makes me wonder about what it might be doing in the background. I'm going to throw a sniffer on the PC just to monitor it for awhile.

Requires .NET ?

I see the program requires .NET installed on the PC it is to be run from, and there are two versions of the software, one for .NET 1.1 and one for .NET 2.0

Would it be better to download the 1.1 version for compatibility purposes (do .NET 1.1 apps work in .NET 2.0 systems?)? Of course, this assumes that .NET is installed on the PC you connect to (be it 1.1, or 2.0).


Money Manager version for .NET 1.1 works on .NET 2.0

The Money Manager version for .NET 1.1 works on .NET 2.0, so I am thinking that is best if concerned about compatibility on most systems.

To *install* the "1.1" version of Money Manager on your hard drive at first (where you then copy the folder it creates to your thumbdrive, then run the uninstall on your hard drive), you must have .NET 1.1 on the computer...even if you have .NET 2.0 installed, so I had to install both NET versions on my desktop PC (I later uninstalled .NET 1.1 to save space).


Has anyone looking into turning jGnash into a portable app?
It's a Java app, so I don't know if that changes things any, but it is open source and seems to work fairly well. Looks like a decent competitor for Quicken and MS Money.


That looks MUCH more 'safe' in a social sense than the other software... I just ran it from my flash stick with no issues on about three problem. As long as the PC has Java, I think no issue.

Would there be a way to make a portable app have jGnash + Java wrapped together? Or a portable Java runtime?


I'm not positive, but I think the .exe version doesn't require java. The website claims it is the .jar file in a "wrapper". I don't have a machine without java to test it on though.

It DOES need Java...

The exe just starts your JVM. Look at your task list on a newly restarted machine, then start jGnash and you will see javaw.exe gets launched.

HTH. Smotsie.

A very decent competitor!

The jGnash jar file Java version is the best financial program I've found to run off my flash drive. It's a double entry book keeping program, is very robust and development seems to be steady. The only problem I've encountered is lack of documentation, however the documentation for GnuCash is easily downloaded in PDF format and for the most part works fine with jGnash. All the documentation for GnuCash is also recomended as a good read for non accountants wishing to understand more.

If only...

I've been trying out jGnash and I agree, it is very good once you get you head around having loads of "accounts" instead of simply spending categories as in something like M$ Money.

However, I have one problem which may have been sorted by someone here: When I move my thumbdrive between computers (I use three regularly) it changes drive letter, and jGnash starts with a prompt "Do you want to create a new file". I cannot find a command line parameter (or indeed ANY parameters!) which tells jGnash to open a specific file on startup. I am launching it with PStart, so I have the thumbdrive drive letter available as a parameter (%pdrive%).

I have asked on the jGnash forums, but no response yet.