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JonDo Anonymizer portable

NiMhurchu - December 28, 2007 - 1:49pm
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The German JonDoNym anonymizer service has packed its anonymizing proxy into a portable app menu compatible paf.exe -- maybe you want to list this here, too.

(Portable) client download:

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I don`t think them have

I don`t think them have permission from Mozilla to repackage firefox with original trendmarks. So them are violating some license rights and for this reason it will be not hosted here, here only 100% legal and Open Source things.

I also think JTH don`t want to host any *anonymus* software (tor or whatever) officially here for various reasons. He didn`t say that but it`s pretty obvious.
- many people (but not most/all!) tend to use any anonymus programs for illegal purposes
- tor isn´t easy to configure, it would create a support nightmare like "i started tor and used firefox, now I got catched anyway it`s your fault"
- or stupid questions like "i started tor now, how can i abuse a website and vote several times for me"