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Frostwire Portable

BrianAll - February 13, 2008 - 4:05pm
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Program: Frostwire

License: Open Source/GNU GPL

Description: P2P downloads from Gnutella and Torrent support.


Frostwire is an open source fork of limewire, the more popular P2P client. Frostwire was originally created to preserve certain aspects of limewire which may be removed due to content filtering, and has grown to support some of the features one must pay for in limwire pro. This would be a great App to be made portable, and there are no liscencing issues. I'm not sure how far this program diggs into a computer though.
Are there any problems with making frostwire portable in this aspect? Thx.

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FrostWire Has "iTunes Integration" And iTunes Isn't Open Source.
And If You Want To Use This Feature, You'll Need iTunes. Which Cannot Be Made Portable.

I Do Beleave I Have Tested This App On My Computer And Came To 2 Results

* Its Just Like LimeWire Which Has Been Made Portable I Think Somewhere In

* It Crashed On My Computer And Never Worked Correcly.

Never Liked It

Na na na, come on!