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Portable DVD Ripper

dauerpenn0r - February 17, 2008 - 1:29pm
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Is there one?

I had SUPER Converter, but ists not starting anymore...


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VLC. Use output streaming.

VLC. Use output streaming.

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Try Freez DVD Ripper. I use

Try Freez DVD Ripper. I use it. It is installed on my USB Thumb Drive and it runs fine.


I recommend Kdvdcopy or dvd::rip at

Not portable. . .

. . .as is. It writes at least one file to the windows/system folder.


Are you ABSOLUTELY sure there is no absolute truth?


Try MediaCoder - it can also rip DVDs

Here you can download a portable version:


I've Tried It But. . .

. . .it performs very poorly--not transcoding the whole file, VERY poor quality output, freezing, etc. Perhaps I'm just ignorant of the ins & outs of its settings. But then, I can't find too much documentation on that subject either.


Are you ABSOLUTELY sure there is no absolute truth?

It has its problems, but it

It has its problems, but it can usually give you what you want.
not transcoding the whole file
I've never had that happen.
VERY poor quality output
You have to specify quality options. And don't expect to ever get a better quality video than you use as the source.
I've never had that happen, but I can see how that could happen on a low-end machine. Pick up the optimized codecs if your processor can use SSE or better (chances are it can). i386 is a great target architecture for compatibility, but new processors can go far with their new instruction sets. I'm even going to try to build some codecs from source purely to create SSE3-optimized builds, since my processor supports it.

MediaCoder is feature-rich, but buggy. Overall, it's still very useful.


Portable DVD Ripper Do you

Portable DVD Ripper
Do you need the program to decrypt the DVD or not?



We commonly get permission from producers to use their DVD training materials only to find out they've encrypted the DVD. Quite frustrating.


Are you ABSOLUTELY sure there is no absolute truth?

Free dvd ripper...

Handbrake or DVD43 are all free yet easy-to-use DVD ripping software ...

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