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Avant Browser Portable

shmilynus - February 21, 2008 - 2:16am
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Avant Browser is a fast and very popular web browser. It has its own portable version. So what we need to do is to make it into paf format.

More info about Avant Browser can be found here:

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Closed source.

Unfortunately, due to the manner of of the EULA, we can't do Avant. It is closed source and the license/EULA forbids redistribution or modification.

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This app could not be hosted on PortableApps, but somebody else could make a .paf launcher for the program and host it elsewhere. Then all the user would have to do is copy the program file directory, etc. into the folders specified by the launcher.

Firefox is way better anyway. Avant is trident (IE) based.

avant browser 2012 build 169 is a tri-core version

Avant Browser 2012 build 169 is based on ie/firefox/chrome now. It's a tri-core browser. After the integration, it has also integrated the performances of the three most popular browsers. You know the competition between firefox and chrome becomes more and more furious, Avant Browser has profited the theire advantages without leaving his own characteristics, for example, the download manager, the split view, the capability of detaching tabs, the traditional online bookmars and autofill. I suggest you all give it a try.Persoanlly I feel it's perfect and I use it as the main browser both in my office and at home.