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HeidiSQL portable version ...

anse - February 29, 2008 - 2:02pm
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Hi everybody,

a portable HeidiSQL version is ready to download here:

HeidiSQL is a Windows based GUI for MySQL.

Would be nice to see it here Smiling


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I'll take a look at this. Thanks for bringing it up and welcome

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cool! an alternative to MySQL Tools


Wow, this is an interesting alternative to MySQL's own toolkit. I've surely tried other freeware and payware apps, maybe this'll fit the bill.


I'm working on it


I just realized you're the author of the HeidiSQL tool!

Anyhow, if so, it'd be nice if you can have it so that it doesn't write to the
"ALL USERS" user profile, since that requires power user privileges on XP. Also, being able to specify where to write the logs would be helpful.

Since mstinaff hasn't pushed out any dev test package, I plan to make my first attempt of a portable app in the PA format. It's taking awhile, but I should have a DT package ready soon.



Hi, I've posted the release of v3.2 as a development test. Have fun playing with it Laughing out loud


This is great. I'm really

This is great. I'm really pleased with the portable version of this tool. I look forward to it becoming available in the main download area.

6.0 release


Can you make that in Format?

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