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TeraCopy Portable

CodeSector (Homepage) - March 7, 2008 - 4:46pm
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TeraCopy is a small file copy utility with unicode support. Can pause and resume file transfers, automatically overwrite or skip existing files. Can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions.

Just made a portable version:

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They sell a TeraCopy Pro

They sell a TeraCopy Pro btw.

I may be wrong but...

...the file format does not conform to PAF nor is it opensource. I believe this is also classed as self promotion.

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looks like it (username...)

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Where can I find the PAF

Where can I find the PAF specifications? Currently it's just a marker.

I believed that on this site people can find portable applications. Why opensource only? Maybe change domain name to Smiling

The PAF installer is pretty

The PAF installer is pretty simple: it installs the app in a directory under x:\PortableApps, which also happens to mean that the app gets listed automatically in the menu. The NSIS script for it is included with each app, so it is pretty easy to figure out.

The Portable format is embodied in the three subdirectories below the directory below PortableApps. The main thing is to put any parameters or configuration or user-generated data in .\Data, rather than in with the .\App, so it can be easily backed up, and so it is harder to overwrite it when upgrading.

If you did that, your program would immediately start working not just as a portable app but as an integrated part of the suite.

That's independent of whether or not it is free, open source, or whatever.


good reason to keep settings in \Data folder

You pointed out a good reason to keep settings in \Data folder. Just saw that PortableApps Backup can backup App Data folders only. I wish I could backup applications settings stored on PC that easy!


'cuz most progs save settings in one of three places: Appdata folder under the user profile folder, Under HKCU\Software in the registry, and/or it's own folder. But then again it's still way more convenient when everything has the same format Smiling.

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I disagree. Selfpromotion is

I disagree.
Selfpromotion is promoting your website or non-portable app.
Closed source or not, he has made a portable version himself and therefor does not need (or demand) to be re-distributed, added to the PortableApps officiall apps list, etc.)

He's posting an portable app, and its all legal, assuming he is the developer himself. Be glad he has made an effort to make an PortableApps compatible application!


Howdy codesector. Freeware is coming soon. As is the ability to do commercial apps. But you can't promote it here quite yet. If you'd like me to ping you when you can, just drop an email to the business development address on the contact page.

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Thanks. I just wanted to

Thanks. I just wanted to test the portable version.


That's fine, and we'll leave it up right now since we're really close to announcing. We just don't want too many posts yet until we have the new installer and freeware forum live.

By the way, it looks like our file manager will be supporting TeraCopy Portable if you'd like to weigh in:

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

The argument used to be no

The argument used to be no freeware because the developer / license does not allow it. Now someone posts a free application and merely in this forum. While it could be considered 'self promotion' it is an attempt for delivering an portable apps with content of the author. Why oh-why would it not be allowed? He doesn't expect you to put it in the list of applications and this is just 'a forum' with a community.

Although I understand 'freeware' is coming, I have no idea what that means. What is the hold up for an freeware supported by the original author?? Is this forum so strict that it doesn't even allow PortableApps compatible software to be posted for the interest of the users?

What 'legal' issues could there be? You do not need to touch the software as it's 'portable', and I thought THAT was the reason freeware was not allowed.

I thought you would be happy with finally an author who makes a portable version.

i agree,...

i agree with you LOGAN, if the Original Athor of the freeware makes a Portable App of his own Software and post it here for testing, where should be the problem with legal or licence issues?
The Author of the freeware does not need the permission of the copyright holder cause he is it by himself, so where is the Problem when he makes a portable Version of it - in the right PAF-Format maybe.
If this freeware is ad-free and has no nagscreens i think it should be no problem. And if the author in the end gives John the permission to promote it on portable apps as a portable app in the download section, where is the problem?
It would be much easier, if other freeware authors would do it like this, who else knows these apps better then the author by himself? And of course no one has to be frightened about breaking licenses at these freeware apps or has to get the permission of the author, to make it portable in the PAF-Format if the Author of the freeware makes it by himself.
Just a thought Eye-wink
So if CodeSector is realy the Author of this app, don't be so hard to him, he could give a good example to other freeware authors,...
it's just my oppinion,...

Same here

reminds me of this program I saw on PortableFreeware, they made a portable version themselves, but they used an SFX instead of the official installer Sticking out tongue. They were nice enough to link to us Smiling.

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Nice but I still prefer TotalCopy

Thanks but a important function is still missing in TeraCopy:
The Speedlimit ! (that makes multi coping possible at the same time)

So I will still use the better tool: TotalCopy
Have a try - I think it's much better than TeraCopy:

but i think TotalCopy isn't so easy to make it portable
and has problems with letters in different code pages

Not fully functional...?

I've been attempting to use TeraCopy (v2.0 BETA 3) for a few weeks, as a portable app. Upon opening, only "No Target Folder," "Close," and the More/Close buttons are accessible on the interface. Basically, the user cannot select files to be copied.

Win32/Heur virus

As soon as i start to download this AVG comes back with a warning of a Win32/Heur virus. I figured i would let you guys know so maybe someone with more knowledge could look more into it.
EDIT: oh looking into it more seems it could very well be a false positive. I figured i would still let you know just in case though.

I keep getting a Trojan horse

I keep getting a Trojan horse Generic16.BMEJ threat detected message.


That's a heuristic detection, likely because the app is doing pretty low-level stuff (copying/moving files, from what I understand it can take over Explorer's move/copy functions, etc.). It's a false positive and can safely be ignored.

If you can it's probably best just to turn off heuristics in your virus scanner. In my experience they never pick up anything but false positives.

Error: Page not found
Error: Page not found

Updating to latest version
Install latest non-portable version of TeraCopy and copy TeraCopy.exe to \PortableApps\TeraCopy Portable\ or other folder (where portable version is installed).

it's seems forced installation?

suppose link should be removed if developer not supports

The link is probably dead

The link is probably dead because it is a four year old post that hasn't been touched in two years.

Unfortunately, for John to remove the links from every post like that, we wouldn't see a new release of the platform, or a new app, until 2014.

It's not a bug, its a feature.

Teracopy portable

You can still find a version of this at this link!

I've been putting less into

I've been putting less into into apps, as I switched to OS X, and it seems hard to get apps approved or even tested unless you are welcomed into the "inner circle" of devs here putting releases out, and many apps I do I don't use myself.

That being said, I did a more recent one if you go to any app I have posted a dev test for to get to my SkyDrive, and it is very straightforward since the app maker (OP, CodeSector) built in a portable mode.

App Approvals

It's not a matter of an inner circle, it's really a matter of me still being stuck doing approvals. Plus, freeware being a bit de-emphasized unless the publisher is hosting it (it cost over $100 in bandwidth to do the recent Spybot update). Basically, the emphasis has been on trying to keep things running. If you've got an app you'd like pushed out, lemme know, as I'm making a point to try and get a new app out every week again starting with Ekiga today. Lower-hanging fruit (relatively easy to review and verify portable-ness) and publisher-supported ones get priority.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!